With the help of a metallic claw, collect gold and diamonds from the depths of the earth. Reach the minimum money goal to progress to the next levels.

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The game Gold Miner is easily understandable and playable. The goal is to collect valuable objects like gold, diamonds, and mystery bags to progress to the next level. You must reach a certain amount of money set as a goal for each level to make progress in the game. At the end of each level, you have the opportunity to acquire items that can be useful in the next level of the game. However, making decisions during these intervals can be challenging, as we never know the circumstances of that next level.For example, when you buy the glass jar with diamonds, the diamonds collected in the next level will be worth more money. However, if the next level doesn't have diamonds to be collected, the investment will have been in vain. Nevertheless, if there are diamonds, the potential return will be significant. Additionally, dynamite can be used to destroy heavy rocks you encounter while playing, reducing the waiting time needed to bring the rock to the miner. The clover is available on the shopping list to bring more luck when opening mystery bags, but it's not guaranteed to happen. Another option is to acquire the strength item, which increases the speed at which the miner collects objects.A useful tip we offer is to take advantage of buying opportunities when items are offered at lower prices. The controls are simple: on the computer, use the mouse to select items, the down arrow to lower the metal claw, and also to launch dynamite when collecting a heavy object. On mobile devices, just tap the playing area to lower the metal claw or launch dynamite when needed and when you have dynamite available.The game Gold Miner is a flash game, played through a licensed emulator (Ruffle) that can be installed. It can be played here and now, for free and online, by any visitor to this page on our website. Available to play on all web browsers, including Edge, Chrome, or Safari, as well as on all operating systems, including Microsoft Windows, Google Android, or Apple iOS, on a computer, tablet, iPad, smartphone, or iPhone.Who hasn't dreamt of becoming a millionaire through gold and diamonds? Here, you can fulfill that dream without the need to invest in gold and become a true prospector, getting rich by collecting buried gold and diamonds from deep within the earth and without having to use a metal detector.The 'Gold Miner Special Edition' is an enhanced version of the original game, also known as Gold Miner. It's a classic game where you control a friendly miner with white hair and beard, who tries to gather gold, diamonds, treasures, and other precious minerals from the ground. In this game, you don't search for gold with a metal detector or in a gold mine; instead, you use a metal claw to grab the gold and diamonds. The goal is to accumulate enough points to advance to the next level, finding valuable precious metals while avoiding useless objects buried in the ground. With limited time and resources, you'll need skill and a solid strategy to progress through the upcoming levels and overcome increasingly challenging obstacles.This flash version, playable online and for free, allows you to play for 60 minutes and reach 52 levels. To download the full version of the game for your computer (Windows), click here.Gold Miner: Special Edition, as mentioned above, is an updated version of the original Gold Miner, featuring new levels and improved graphics and animations. Just like in Gold Miner, the player controls a character in the center of the screen. They hold a claw that automatically moves from left to right and vice versa. By clicking, the claw extends, grabbing an object when there's one in the chosen direction. There are small pieces of gold and larger ones, along with other items. Bigger items take more time to pull in. There are also worthless rocks that can be collected, but they only waste time. When you earn enough money before time runs out, you progress to the next level. Shops appear after each level where you can buy useful items and slot machines for betting. These appear after every four levels, if the player has collected coins in the previous levels. The levels always happen on a single screen, and the only interaction is extending the claw.There are also other game modes, such as a limitless mode where the player doesn't need to worry about money and can play as long as they want. There's also an action mode where slot machines don't appear, and the player needs to catch the gold and other items by pressing the left and right arrow keys to raise the claw.Dynamite, which allows you to abort when you've hooked a large, very slow-moving boulder with the claw, instead of more profitable and fast-moving cargo.Developers: Intermix Media, Inc.Publishers: GaveRivalProduced by Malcolm MichaelsWritten by Daniel GloverProgramming by Daniel GloverGraphics created by Chris Wieber and Daniel GloverGame categories: Skill; Action; Expertise; Catching; Collecting; Gold; Gold Miner; Gold Mine; Diamonds; Classics/Arcade; Flash; Levels.

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Gold and Diamonds - Business, Investment and Economics

Expand your general knowledge about the gold and diamond business worldwide. Finding a massive gold nugget or being able to invest in gold is the dream of many people around the world.Next, learn some interesting facts about gold and diamond production and investment.Do you know which are the largest gold-producing countries in the world? They are as follows, in order (positions may vary each year):1 - South Africa2 - United States of America3 - Australia4 - Russia5 - Canada6 - China7 - Brazil8 - Ghana9 - Mexico10 - IndonesiaAnd what about the countries with the largest gold reserves in the world? (positions may vary each year):1 - China2 - Japan3 - Switzerland4 - India5 - Russia6 - Taiwan7 - Saudi Arabia8 - South Korea9 - Hong Kong10 - BrazilAnd which countries engage in the most artisanal gold prospecting in rivers and through gold detectors? (positions may vary each year):1 - Australia2 - South Africa3 - United States of America4 - Senegal5 - Ghana6 - Indonesia7 - Brazil8 - Mexico9 - Indonesia10 - Democratic Republic of CongoRegarding diamonds, a significant percentage of diamond cutting is concentrated in China (Guangzhou and Shenzhen) and India (Surat). Additionally, New York City in the United States, Amsterdam in the Netherlands, and Antwerp in Belgium, as well as Tel Aviv in Israel, are extremely important centers related to diamond cutting. As for diamond production and exploration, the main countries are Russia, Botswana, Canada, Democratic Republic of Congo, South Africa, Angola, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Sierra Leone, Lesotho, and Australia.

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